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Life is made up of cycles,
our products

Each Havaianas that has passed through your feet represents a cycle.Some shorter and some longer. But in most cases, the life cycle of A sandal is longer than its use cycle. This is why we started recycle, a reverse logistics program from Havaianas, to collect used sandals and provide the proper disposal of each pair.

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Give your Havaianas
a new Cycle.

Find the nearest take-back box

and give them a proper disposal.

We collect your Havaianas through a logistic operation that was designed to be carbon free, with bicycle transportations in some stores and offsetting the carbon emitted by other transportation methods, by planting and preserving trees in the Amazon. We take your Havaianas to recycling cooperatives, which sort and dispose of the sandals for recycling or for donation. Through our work with cooperatives, we have already contributed with many families by generating additional income, promoting a positive social impact. We increasingly want our actions to inspire other actions, thus generating a genuine movement of people seeking for more conscious cycles.

Come walk with us
on this journey.

These are just the first steps of a long-term plan to a more Havaianas future,
and we need your help to get there. Let's spread sustainable thinking to everyone
who has ever worn an Havaianas and move towards a better tomorrow for the
whole world.