Warning regarding counterfeit versions

Havaianas has always carried out an anti-counterfeit policy since its beginnings in 1962, when it made the very first pair of Havaianas flip-flops. Despite our dedicated efforts to fight this global problem, please bear in mind that there are Havaianas counterfeit products that are being offered to clients, often on websites and especially auction sites.

How does one detect counterfeit versions of Havaianas?
• To ensure that you are only purchasing genuine Havaianas products, when purchasing online, watch out for such messages as "cheaper Havaianas" or "discount Havianas": these are counterfeit Havaianas.

• Genuine products are never available with street vendors, on markets or at non-authorised sales points. If you buy a pair in such a place, it's more than likely to be an imitation product.

• All the Havaianas products are made or designed in Brazil. So if the product is not made or designed in Brazil and indicated as such on the labelling, it may be a counterfeit product.

• Always look for the authenticity logo on any Havaianas product you purchase!

• Havaianas are made according to a patented formula that is made up of a mixture of rubber – they don't smell, they don't lose their shape and are breathable – counterfeit products are recognisable because there are badly made.

If you are unsure of their origin, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you whether the store you went to is a recognised retailer.

Imitations can be dangerous
Havaianas footwear is made according to high quality standards and does not compare to the poor make of non-authentic merchandise. The original products are manufactured following a specific rubber formula which guarantees a high level of comfort and safety.

Please be careful because Havaianas counterfeit products do not meet these health and safety standards, they may cause rashes or other serious skin irritation when wearing them.

Counterfeiting is a crime
Counterfeiting is illegal. It has a significant impact on the global economy, costing around 600 000 million US dollars per year and causing the loss of thousands of jobs.

How can you help?
If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit Havaianas product, please let us know at the following email address: [email protected]

We thank you for your help as this will help us take legal action against counterfeiters, with a view to protecting the interest of Havaianas customers.